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Islamic Online Course was planned and written by a team of Islamic scholars and senior teachers whose objective was to provide you with a course to become familiar with the Islamic belief system.

  • This Course offers you
    plenty of assessment material for practice and includes a variety of interactive and non-interactive activities to support your learning.
  • It covers seven units
    which encompass the following subjects: “Cosmology”, “Theology”, “Anthropology”, “Prophethood”, “The Prophet of mercy”, “Eschatology” and “Felicity”.

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Imamate and Leadership

By: Ayatullah Musavi Lari

Translated by Dr. Hamid Algar, includes leadership in Islam, leadership of the Prophet and appointment of Imam Ali, responsibility of the companions, necessity of Imamate, and interesting accounts of Imam's communication with the unseen including the story of Maitham al-tammar.


Brief History of Fourteen Infallibles

By: World Organization for Islamic Services

Biography of the Imams (a), their characteristics, activities and works.

A Survey into the Lives of the Infallible Imams

By: Ayatyllah Murtaza Mutahhari

This text provides a good analysis of the lives of the Infallible Imams while presenting the different methods, struggles, and circumstances of each Imam and how they may have acted similarly or differently. However they have all acted as Allah (SWT) desired of them and that if each of the Imam were in the same position as the other Imams, they would’ve behaved similarly.



Imam Sadiq's biography and life

Q:Please tell us of Imam Sadiq's life....
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The Benefits of the existence of Imam al-Mahdi in his occultation

Q:What is the benefit of the existence of Imam al-Mahdi (a.s) while he is in occultation?...
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Q:Would you please benefit us with an overview of Imam al-Hasan's noble qualities...
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Imam Ali's morals and personality

Q:An overview of the historical narrations regarding the description of Imam Ali,...
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The world at the threshold of the Imam's reappearance

Q:What will the condition of the world like just before the reappearance of Imam...
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