• Practical instructions to start the spiritual journey

    Practical instructions to start the spiritual journey

    Some of the enlightened gnostics have recommended the following instructions for a wayfarer before starting his spiritual journey: i. First: Before everything else a devotee must purify himself from sins and moral abjectnesses by means of repentance. In the beginning, Read More
  • Sincerity


    The position of sincerity has been described as one of the highest stages of a wayfarer's gnostic journey and the attainment of self perfection. It is because of sincerity that the heart becomes the center of illumination for Divine light, Read More
  • Supplications (Dua)

    Supplications (Dua)

    Supplication (dua) is one of the best worships through which one may attain self-perfection and Nearness to God. It is because of this that God-Almighty has invited his servants to offer supplications. God-Almighty has said in the Holy Quran: "And Read More
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Q:What place does sincerity occupy in the attainment of self-perfection?...
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Different kinds of worshippers

Q:Ho did Imam Ali introduce different kinds of worshippers?...
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Supplications (Dua)

Q:How does Islam view supplication and its role in the attainment of self-perfection?...
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Practical instructions to start the spir...

Q:Please give us a systematic and practical program to gain spiritual perfection...
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The reality of gnosis

Q:What is the reality of gnosis and spiritual comprehension?...
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The avoidance of drawn out expectations

Q:We have heard that Imam Sajjad adopted the method of supplication to convey...
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Righteousness and serenity in every cond...

Q:We have heard that Imam Sajjad adopted the method of supplication to convey...
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Practical Irfan

Q:What issues and arguments are discussed in practical Irfan?...
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Islamic Online Course was planned by a team of Islamic scholars and senior teachers whose objective was to provide you with much information about Islam and its belief system in seven units which encompass the following subjects: “Cosmology”, “Theology”, “Anthropology”, “Prophethood”, “The Prophet of mercy”, “Eschatology” and “Felicity”. This Course offers you plenty of assessment material for practice and includes a variety of interactive and non-interactive activities to support your learning.

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By: Ayatullah I. Amini

Original Persian title: Khud Sazi wa Tahzib wa Tazkiyeh Nafs. A detailed description of special deeds as performed by God's most devoted sincere servants during their lives, the self-restraint and asceticism practiced by them during these worships, and the spiritual purification achieved by them.


Spiritual Discourses

By: Ayatullah M. Mutahhari

Criteria for humanity, spiritual freedom, nobility, worship and prayer, repentance, migration and jihad, and belief in the unseen.



Light Within Me

By: AYatullah Khomeyni & Ayatullah Tabatabai & Ayatullah Mutahhari

Introduction to Irfan, stages of the spiritual journey, guidance and perfection, Interpretation of Sura al-Hamd, and the Invocation of Sha'baniyah.


Forty Hadith

By: Imam Khomeini

Detailed commentary on 40 selected traditions narrated through the Prophet (S) and his Ahl al-Bayt (a) on topics of ethics and spirituality, including jihad al-nafs.



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