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Cosmology, Theology,  Anthropology, Prophethood, Islamic lifestyle, ahl-al-bayt, spirituality, The Prophet of mercy, Eschatology and Felicity.

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Islamic Online Course

Islamic Online Course was planned by a team of Islamic scholars and senior teachers whose objective was to provide you with much information about Islam and its belief system in seven units which encompass the following subjects: “Cosmology”, “Theology”, “Anthropology”, “Prophethood”, “The Prophet of mercy”, “Eschatology” and “Felicity”. This Course offers you plenty of assessment material for practice and includes a variety of interactive and non-interactive activities to support your learning.

Three Grades of Scholar-Approved Courses to Help You Study Islamic Works

Islamic Community

Welcome to the Islamic community of Pureislam and thank you for your interest. The aim of the community is to serve the religious and social needs of the Muslim community and to build a culture of understanding and respect between its members and other communities.

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